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Payment By Results

We only get paid if we deliver the right results

It’s as simple as that. We have a track record of delivering 10-50% operational improvement in two to six months without any capital expenditure, and our focus is on improving your profitability and cash flow. Our projects always have a payback of significantly less than one year. We agree performance improvement targets with you at the start of your project and our fees are entirely linked to meeting and sustaining those targets.

We’re honest and open about our expectations and the project timescales involved, so if we take longer to deliver or don’t hit our agreed targets, we lose out. There’s no risk for you whatsoever.

With flexible payment structures tailored to suit your individual business circumstances, we guarantee there are no hidden extras and no
unpleasant surprises.

Many of our clients, especially in consumer, industrials and private equity, face tight P&L and cash flow targets. We guarantee that annualised savings will be greater than our fees, and where required invoicing can be structured to ensure a project is P&L and cash positive in any financial year (depending on
accountancy practices).