Back Office and Support Services

We have experience over a wide variety of back office and support functions – from case handling to order processing, scheduling, planning, and administrative functions. Our typical projects deliver 10-30% savings in headcount while improving quality through reducing processing and lead times and reducing errors.

Our range of expertise includes:

    • Demand analysis and forecasting
    • Operating model design and implementation
    • Performance reporting, management information and key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • End-to-end process redesign and improvement:
      • Automation
      • Elimination of failure demand and double handling
    • Organisational design including structures and incentives
    • Systems including CRM, ERP and workflow

Throughout the process, we work collaboratively with local teams and managers to ensure our conclusions are valid and the plan we're about to embark upon, workable.

Our unique, hands-on, detailed approach allows us to design with our clients the most cost-effective and optimal operating models.