We help our clients leverage their procurement skillset, ensuring the supply chain is managed to support the wider business and operational objectives. We reduce costs while improving fulfilment and reducing risk.

Our work covers both direct and indirect spend categories. We draw on detailed understanding of supply markets and take a data driven approach to empower procurement and buyers.

Areas of focus include:

    • Forecast accuracy: Improving order lead time and flexibility to choose the best supplier
    • Cost visibility: Providing greater end-to-end cost visibility to inform supplier decisions
    • Risk visibility: Understanding the value of risk-based supplier decisions
    • Competitive leverage: Ensuring balanced and working supply relationships
    • Purchase to pay: Improving internal processes to streamline the costs of doing business

Our successful track record includes:

    • Supplier yield-cost analysis to ensure maximum output from variable food produce supply
    • Chemical procurement improving fulfilment and reducing costs by 15%
    • Enablement of £14 million in facilities cost savings