Profitability Analysis and SKU Optimisation

Our approach assesses true margin by SKU, incorporating live performance data through the supply chain and operations, which allows our clients to make decisions based on fact not opinion. We help develop relationships with retailers, as insight and value can be added during product range discussions.

We undertake value engineering across the product range to generate the maximum benefit. Additional value is often realised on low margin SKUs, ensuring they remain viable while maintaining product quality and lowering production costs.

Shelf-life and lead time

In-store waste and availability is a fundamental KPI across all retailers and can be significantly affected by the in-store life. By challenging the end-to-end supply chain lead time for each SKU, we can increase in-life within store, which reduces overall costs and provides a competitive advantage over other suppliers. By increasing control and visibility of lead times we enable stock holding and raw material write offs to be reduced.