Warehousing and Logistics

At Newton we help ensure our clients' facilities are optimised. We improve warehouse processes and layout to make operations smarter and more efficient using, for example, heat mapping and pick efficiency analysis. Where necessary we support the sourcing and implementation of a warehouse management system. We typically increase warehouse productivity by up to 20%.

In logistics, we enhance the management of job planning and routing, networking, backhaul, and outsourced contracts, reducing a company's logistics costs by 5-15%.

There are frequent opportunities within the supply chain for increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Our understanding and analytical expertise brings effective improvements to areas like sourcing and distribution costs, inbound and outbound warehousing, working capital value and internal logistics.

Our successful track record includes:

    • Changing the layout of a snack manufacturer's warehouse to save £180,000 of capital expenditure
    • Installing a warehouse management system for a stationery supplier
    • Reducing stock outs of raw materials and packaging by 90% for a bakery