Bid Management

Our extensive experience working across all levels in the defence and aerospace industry and our scientific approach means we're ideally placed to help teams deliver smart, accurate, low-risk bid responses.

We work closely with client teams to cost up engineering bills of materials (BoM), and draw up bids that accurately reflect changes to design and information throughout the bid process. This means they remain competitive while also reducing commercial risk.

We develop our solution to meet each specific client's needs but our systems typically create savings in the following areas:

    • Providing a breakdown of costs, line by line, throughout the BoM, and removing errors
    • Providing visibility of BoM line items currently excluded from the bid
    • Enabling live reporting on the status of the bid and current price
    • Clients get instant 'what if' calculations with multiple scenario options (currency, inflation, product changes etc.)
    • Providing standardisation and automation of the data recording and processing, which enables the bid team to challenge elements of the bid, rather than focus on administering quote entry

This approach enables a comparison of costs across multiple bids, driving estimate accuracy.