Safety & Facilities Management

Facility readiness

At Newton we help ensure our clients are prepared. Teams running facilities need to know what is required of them and when. Facilities need robust through-life management plans linked to whatever wide range of services they're likely to be used for.

We address the cost of maintenance, looking at:

    • Through-life costs: reducing them by selecting more reliable, lower maintenance assets
    • Challenging the overhaul regime
    • Employing condition-based monitoring

We approach the work as we do all complex build management procedures, looking at devising a plan, getting jobs ready to go, and addressing hold-ups at the coal face.


In addition to the Health and Safety at Work Act, certain engineering environments such as nuclear power stations or submarines, face further stringent regulations. These rules can be complex and restrictive, yet the penalties for negligence can include heavy fines, the revoking of licences and even prison time.

At Newton, we help companies work up responses to Improvement Notices, deliver specific business enhancements, and developed the means to predict scoring against licence conditions and how these will improve with time. We have even developed the ability to track improvements like benefits tracking for safety.