Asset Maintenance & Field Operations

Asset Maintenance

Maximising asset availability without increasing costs is a critical priority. At Newton we have proved time and again that organisations can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance, repair and overhaul teams.

We have a deep understanding of the labour-intensive processes involved, with experience of optimising labour hours, material flow, product quality and on-time delivery.

We identify and fix the root causes of operational problems through gaining a complete understanding of our clients' maintenance and refit/ refurbishment operations. During our work, we foster a culture of continuous improvement where client teams are encouraged and trained to take ownership of new systems and processes so that lasting financial benefits can be achieved over the long-term.

Field Operations

Given the regional coverage of many of our client’s networks and asset bases, an enthusiastic, efficient and optimised work force of field-based technicians and engineers is mandatory. We work with a range of field workers from service engineers, property and facilities technicians to district nurses and sales professionals. Our projects enhance process and workforce efficiency as well as customer experience – all areas of a business where improvements make the biggest financial impact. Typically we deliver a 10% to 30% reduction in staffing requirements while also improving service levels. Efficiency improvements are realised through the smart transformation of business processes – not the other way around.

We have a comprehensive range of expertise including:

      • Service delivery and operating model design and implementation
      • Demand forecasting, capacity planning and resource scheduling
      • Work allocation, route planning and optimisation
      • Performance reporting, management information and KPIs
      • End-to-end process redesign

Throughout the process, we collaborate side-by-side with local teams and managers to ensure our conclusions are valid and the plan we're about to embark upon, workable.