Capital Programme Efficiency


We have worked with some of the UK's largest design teams to unlock value across build programmes by addressing the root causes of deficiencies and delays. We work on the frontline to drive significant improvements in rate of design delivery, while dramatically reducing errors and the need for change downstream.

Our teams understand the challenges of system-oriented design, part-oriented manufacture, area-oriented production and system-oriented commissioning. We address the problems of information flow between different functions and different design areas, developing and modifying business processes and systems to sustain improvements.


Newton takes a unique approach when assessing the performance of complex programmes. Using a variety of value-measuring techniques, we gauge how the many facets of a complex project impact both current and future construction.

We have a deep understanding of labour-intensive construction processes, with experience of optimising labour hours, material flow, product quality and on-time delivery – from highly regimented Takt driven, lean pulse lines, to long duration, complex and unpredictable construction and refurbishment facilities.

During our work, we foster a culture of continuous improvement. Client teams are encouraged and trained to take ownership of new systems and processes so that the lasting financial benefits of our programmes continue to be realised over the long-term.

Engineering change

A major challenge to complex programmes is the management of engineering change. Change is responsible for causing schedule delays and cost escalation, and its impact greatly increases after each stage. At Newton we focus on:

    • Understanding the true scope of work
    • Challenging root cause
    • Reducing cycle time to process change
    • Providing visibility of upcoming change
    • Reducing the impact of engineering change at the coal face