Trusts are under huge pressure to deliver quality care in the face of financial constraint, while also facing challenges such as meeting patient waiting time targets and maintaining an engaged, happy workforce.

Newton works collaboratively with trusts to help them achieve targets and deliver improvement programmes with annualised savings in excess of £25 million across a wide range of disciplines, including:

    • Theatres – With a record of delivering 10-20% increase in activity in six to eight months, we reduce cancellations, late starts and list over or under runs. We also challenge the constraints of theatre operation including session timing and length, day case rates and treatment room usage to optimise resources and increase productivity.
    • Outpatients – The savings we have achieved in this area for individual trusts have reached millions of pounds. We change the set-up of clinics including templates and supporting services to maximise capacity and minimise patient waits. We work with admin teams to improve their booking efficiency and profile DNAs to target reductions by focusing on demographics.
    • Bed management – Our bed management approach has saved trusts several millions of pounds a year. We identify the processes that impact length of stay and implement improvements to reduce delays on the critical path e.g. at handovers or discharge. Our bed management system allows staff to see actual and forecast bed states and maintains an accurate picture of patient progress, so that those requiring decisions or actions to move onto the next stage of their treatment can be prioritised.
    • Clinical coding – We improve the integrity and knowledge around coding to ensure correct revenue and standardised mortality figures.
    • Emergency Departments – We look at the entire patient pathway, from arrival in the Emergency Department through to discharge home or onto a ward, identifying and prioritising opportunities to improve. We have a consistent achievement of meeting the 4-hour target and reducing ambulance handover fines.
    • Diagnostics – We reduce demand and increase capacity through reviewing working processes (demand and capacity modelling gives the most efficient use of workforce).
    • Procurement & supply chain – We look at the whole supply chain from procurement to materials management, across 'stock', 'non-stock' and third party spend categories. Opportunities in stock holding, usage patterns, standardisation, and requisitioning behaviour are examined and tackled to deliver maximum value. We also help trusts to ensure best value from service agreements including PFIs.
    • Corporate services – We work alongside employees in central and field operations, service centres and support, helping them improve staffing and rotas, capacity and demand, and the customer journey, while reducing costs. For more information, visit our Business Services page.

Business technology

Better information visibility improves service profitability and quality of patient care. At Newton we have developed award-winning, ground-breaking, user-friendly technology that has helped providers achieve improved care and savings. Deployed as part of an overall transformation programme, typical annualised financial benefits can range from £0.8 million to £2 million per Trust, with full programmes delivering up to £10 million every year.

Visit our Business Technology page for more information.