Ambulance Services

Newton's recent programmes with Ambulance Trusts have successfully transformed several services and taken them from worst performing in the country to best performing. We work with trusts to reduce their costs while at the same time increasing adherence to service level targets and response times. As well as cost and delivery pressures, trusts are also adapting to changing dynamics within the profession with the introduction of the 111 service and an ever-increasing number of 999 calls. We help improve working processes to meet demand and further engage staff and boost morale.

Newton works collaboratively with Ambulance Trusts to improve the following areas:

    • Demand and capacity modelling – We create an accurate model of the demand and capacity within the service to show pressure-point areas and capacity excesses.
    • Profile roistering optimisation and shift design – Using the Erlang model to predict the number of call handlers required at any one point in time, we then design an optimum shift pattern to service demand.
    • Performance management and supporting process – We create a robust performance management process to enable staff members to grow and identify anyone who may need more support.
    • Reporting key performance indicators (KPIs) – We give clarity to the performance of a service by making the right KPIs visible and creating a culture to drive continuous improvement.
    • Geographic analysis and route planning – We help Trusts optimise the best routes to take to reach patients in the shortest time.
    • Procurement & supply chain – We get to grips with internal overheads such as agency staffing, IT, Telecoms, and facilities, to ensure finite resources can be channelled into frontline service provision.