Commissioning and Pathways

We help commissioners meet demands such as delivering QIPP savings, and relieve system demand. We work across entire pathways following patients' journeys from unwell to well and across multiple providers to ensure processes are optimised so patients can receive appropriate treatment as quickly as possible. Our approach enhances both care quality and delivers financial savings through reducing the number of appointments needed.

Areas we work in include:

    • Medical pathways
      • We identify root causes of delays and opportunities for improvement over the entire critical pathway.
      • We optimise the patient care pathway to minimise the time between presenting sick and being well.
      • Standard procedures are put in place so patients can access treatment faster.
      • We work to triage demand out of the healthcare system.
    • Outpatient pathways
      • We work with providers to identify and eliminate unnecessary or out-of-sequence appointments.
    • Communication between providers
      • Our work to improve communication between care providers not only reduces delays in the patient pathway and helps decrease wait times but has also saved organisations millions of pounds.
    • Procurement & supply chain
      • We understand the supply market and how to engage with providers to ensure the right services are delivered, sustainably and measurably. We work with commissioners to create win-win solutions.