Mental Health

Complex care requires complex decision making when it comes to choosing the right care package. Within an area as diverse as mental health it's difficult to generate a consistent process, which can then negatively impact length of stay and care pathways. Assigning inappropriate packages can have a significant financial impact. There is also an unhelpful disconnect between acute and community care in this area.

Newton works with trusts to help them standardise their decision making processes around care packages and patient pathways while optimising operating processes to reduce length of stay and maximise staff resources. We have saved individual trusts millions of pounds in annual sustainable savings within their Mental Health Units.

Areas we work in include:

    • Length of stay
      • Ward processes may not work to the critical path, so we align them and prioritise next steps, which help reduce length of stay.
      • Patient next steps are often not obvious to the next person in the process, which causes delays. We provide a system that offers clear visibility.
      • By releasing beds we enable other providers to place their patients with the Trust.
    • Pathway optimisation
      • We work with clinicians to ensure a patient's pathway allows for optimum care and recovery time.
    • Staff establishment/rota management
      • The staff mix on wards isn't always appropriate. We design a process that makes sure the right mix of professionals are allocated to provide care.
      • Having the best rota to support the establishment can be challenging – visibility and management is often poor. We implement tools that improve visibility.
    • Procurement & supply chain
      • We look at the whole supply chain from procurement to materials management, across 'stock', 'non-stock' and third party spend categories. We understand the complexity and sensitivity of the mental health environment.

Business technology

Better information visibility improves service profitability and quality of patient care. At Newton we have developed award-winning, ground-breaking, user-friendly technology that has helped providers achieve improved care and savings. Deployed as part of an overall transformation programme, typical annualised financial benefits can range from £0.8 million to £2 million per Trust, with full programmes delivering up to £10 million every year. 

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