Private Providers

At Newton we help organisations achieve the best levels of care in a competitive environment.

With the continued increase in councils commissioning private care providers, and the NHS progressively moving towards this approach, private care organisations need to demonstrate they can deliver an excellent patient and service user experience in order to stand out. The benefits for organisations operating at the top of their game are becoming increasingly significant.

Through our extensive work improving processes, care and finances for NHS Trusts, local authorities, and a wide range of blue-chip private companies, we not only know the expected standards, but also how to help providers meet difficult targets with limited resources. We work on the frontline with those delivering care to understand exactly what enhances the patient experience and what limits profitability. We apply our approach within all aspects of private health and social care, from long-term care providers and hospitals to 111 and primary care through to domiciliary social care teams based within the community.

We help private providers:

    • Deliver an industry-leading, exceptional patient experience that not only improves care but also reduces costs
    • Make rapid, sustainable and quantifiable improvements
    • Optimise resources to enhance the matching of capacity with demand
    • Improve care and meet targets
    • Transform their service delivery model
    • Create more compelling yet deliverable bids