Social Care

Our specialism in both child and adult social care has been developed by working in partnership with local authorities across the UK on their transformation programmes. We have developed a profound understanding of the systems, structures and levers of cost and performance within social care, and we have a track record of delivering millions of pounds in sustainable savings while improving outcomes for service users.

Our work isn't based on implementing cutbacks or constraints. Instead, we develop a tailored approach to transform existing services for the better. We focus on not just identifying opportunities, but also working collaboratively across the organisation from the frontline to executive management, transferring the knowledge and skills to help Council personnel deliver exceptional results.

We bring opportunities for improvement and efficiency to the surface through highly detailed, rigorous analysis and evidence-based reporting. We conduct a thorough examination and redesign of the end-to-end care pathway, internal systems and processes, and commissioning of services. As a result, we develop a tailored approach that enables the immediate realisation of cashable savings and improved outcomes for service users, while safely transforming services to ensure they remain fit for future demand.  

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