Building Products

The recession squeezed the building products sector hard and businesses are still feeling the repercussions. With many plants mothballed or closed completely, certain subsectors are now short of capacity. We work with manufactures to improve capacity, cost, lead time, quality and service. And we deliver real, measureable financial results.

We have experience working in a wide range of product areas including bricks, blocks, pavers, timber, insulation, pipes, precast concrete, mortar, gravels, flooring, underlay, and house building.

Results we've achieved for our clients include:

    • 17% increase in insulation boards speed
    • 23% reduction in labour costs at a rubber underlay manufacturer
    • 47% increase in auxiliary material yield
    • 53% reduction in rework in pipe extrusion
    • 50% reduction in changeovers and reduced finished goods stocks
    • Avoiding £10 million capital expenditure at a brick factory by increasing output