Chemicals and Plastics

In this mature industry, it's critical to have an operational strategy and footprint that satisfies customer demand, while continuing to drive out cost and inefficiency.

Newton works across all areas in this diverse sector including synthetic fibres, paints and pigments, batch and continuous chemicals processes, injection moulding, extrusion, sugar refining, adhesives, insulation board, underlay, laminate flooring and protective packaging materials.

For many of our multinational clients, our work begins with an operational strategy review to ensure current plans align with business strategy. From there, a number of areas of improvement – both tactical and longer term – will be identified.

Where the product is a commodity, the largest opportunity is in maximising plant output; a 10-25% improvement is typical of the work we do. Cost reduction areas include waste reduction, yield improvement, recycling optimisation, labour cost reduction, raw materials sourcing, supply chain, and working capital reduction.

Our work in this sector has delivered impressive results including:

    • 53% reduction in scrap at an extrusion company
    • 21% reduction in resin batch cycle times
    • Cutting waste by 63% in fibre spinning
    • 12% energy reduction in chemical process
    • Reducing giveaway in paint packaging by 75%