Adult Social Care

Our specialism in adult social care has been established by working in partnership with local authorities across the UK on their transformation and efficiency programmes. We have developed a profound understanding of the systems, structures and levers of cost and performance within the field.

Our approach focuses on not just identifying opportunities, but also working across the organisation to help deliver them. As a result, our team spends the majority of its time interacting with and working closely alongside Council personnel to ensure the best possible results.

We bring opportunities for improvement and efficiency to the surface through rigorous analysis and highly detailed, evidence-based reporting. We conduct a thorough examination and redesign of the end-to-end care pathway, internal systems and processes, and the commissioning of services. As a result, we develop a tailored approach that enables the immediate realisation of cashable savings and improved outcomes, while safely transforming services to ensure they remain fit for future demand.

During any transformation programme, sustainability of improvements and outcomes are top priorities. We work collaboratively at all levels throughout organisations – from the frontline to executive management teams – transferring the knowledge and skills needed to drive and sustain Adult Care systems, practice and culture beyond just the lifespan of the transformation programme.

"The support provided through Newton Europe in Adult Social Care transformation is impressive. The work has secured savings of about £30m over two years through reengineering the processes for allocating support after first contact and significantly reducing delay and from changing the approach to reablement. Our discussions highlighted that a key component of their work was an open management style and a bottom-up approach, working with staff within specific services. Feedback from managers and staff was that they tremendously valued this approach as it enabled them to design the new systems using their local knowledge and expertise but within the analytical rigor and challenge brought by Newton Europe. This is resulting in genuine innovation."
– 2014 LGA Corporate Peer review of Kent County Council