Children’s Services

Safeguarding children is one of the most important roles that a Council – with its partners in the police, health services, other public services and voluntary sector – does. Councils are working in difficult times. They are under pressure to demonstrate outcomes, both to ensure compliance and also meet financial targets in response to rising, legitimate public expectation that children be kept safe. The pressure on Councils has never been greater, and yet all the while they're asked to deliver more with less.

Newton's work in Children's Services has been developed to improve outcomes for children and their families. We do this through collaborating closely with staff at every level within local authorities, service providers and voluntary organisations. This ensures improvements in the way the service is delivered and allows the release of related financial benefits. This money can then be either reinvested in child protection or directed into Council services elsewhere to improve the lives of children.

We focus on several key areas, which support Council priorities. We particularly concentrate on improving outcomes as well as efficiencies – providing maximum opportunity to deliver better results for children and young people. We're passionate about our focus on outcomes delivery, evidence-based practice, audit readiness and empowering staff to improve services on the frontline.

We reinforce our work by:

    • Helping children and young people learn and achieve their potential by driving best practice and challenging teams to deliver the best outcomes
    • Supporting and assuring decision-making processes at the frontline
    • Finding ways to better identify children at risk at an earlier stage when problems first occur
    • Improving the referral process so the right children receive the right support as quickly as possible
    • Improving use and outcomes of early intervention and preventative services
    • Building the right mechanisms and quality assurance to ensure children and young people are safeguarded to the highest level
    • Ensuring fully integrated relationships with service providers
    • Ensuring staffing levels, roles and workloads are appropriate , equitable and sustainable

We're committed to delivering positive change through collaboration, integration, the latest research, and drawing from models of best practice.

The proven result is an effective transformation of practice that responds to the needs of the most vulnerable of service users as well as supporting the key people who work hard every day in their roles to keep children safe.