Environment and Fleet Management

Our approach to transformation in the area of environment services and fleet management is the result of programmes we've undertaken with local authorities across the country. It also builds on our experience with private sector clients in a range of areas including manufacturing, services, and logistics.

We have extensive knowledge of fleet management throughout the public and private sectors. In local authorities this means we've worked closely with all major service delivery teams, most notably environment services. We have also led reviews within environment services and highways teams, and have worked closely with large housing maintenance teams.

Our methodology is requirements based. We conduct a review of each service requirement to derive quantifiable desired outputs, service levels and current costs. Then we work alongside council teams to design the best service structures to meet these requirements. This includes reviewing procurement of the most suitable assets (or external service provision) to deliver the desired outputs.

We also assess and assist with cultural issues in terms of readiness for change. Service structures evolve over significant periods of time, so implementing and sustaining a major transformation requires substantial commitment from council officers and staff teams.