Procurement is an area often in need of major rejuvenation within local authorities struggling to find cost savings and create the right long term relationships with suppliers.

Our approach has been proven, repeated and is constantly evolving across a wide range of organisations within the private and public sectors. We are world-class experts at unlocking savings in third party spend while improving quality of service, employee engagement, and understanding how this fits into the local economy or a council's vision. This cuts across both direct spend (for example transport, environment, waste) and indirect spend.

Our approach is based on facts. While we understand categories of spend from the top levels down, we use bottom-up evidence to prove that savings are operationally deliverable and can be sustained by the local teams. We build time into our programmes to support the operational delivery of changes and we train and empower local teams to encourage world-class practice and cross–departmental working.

We focus on several key areas such as:

    • Demand management
    • Supplier development and measures
    • Outsourcing
    • Large scale tender management
    • Purchasing process redesign
    • Strategic sourcing
    • Contract adherence
    • Contracting and negotiation