Payment by Results

Did you know we only get paid if we deliver results?

It's a unique approach in the consultancy world, but we've found this innovative model works well for both us and our clients. We have faith in our people to deliver 10-50% operational improvement in two to six months without capital expenditure because we see it over and over again. It's understandable that new potential clients, however, might be slightly less confident.

So we take away the financial apprehension. After all, the last thing you want to do – especially if you're government-funded – is gamble on the hope that an expensive 'report' from a consultant will fix your budgetary and operational issues. Instead, we focus on delivering results – side-by-side with our clients. We immerse ourselves in your world and figure out how everything works, from the shop floor to the boardroom. And we stick around to implement the solutions, delivering transformational change that will stay with you, sustainably, into the future.

Ultimately, we promise to improve the financial performance of any organisation by 1.5% to 5% of turnover with a focus on improving your profitability and cash flow. Our projects always have a payback of significantly less than one year. We agree performance improvement targets with you at the start of your project and our fees are entirely linked to meeting and sustaining those targets.

We're honest and open about our expectations and the project timescales involved, so if we take longer to deliver or don't hit our agreed targets, we lose out. There's no risk for you whatsoever.



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