Asset Maintenance

Maximising asset availability without increasing costs is increasingly a critical priority for the transport and infrastructure industries. At Newton we have proved time and again that organisations can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance, repair and overhaul functions.

We take a unique approach, assessing how the many culminating factors of a complex asset maintenance project might impact both current and future operations.

We have a deep understanding of the labour-intensive processes involved, with experience of optimising labour hours, material flow, product quality and on-time delivery – from depth maintenance and first line maintenance, to the repair and overhaul of individual parts, where maximising shelf stock by improving turnaround of the repair and overhaul process is key.

We identify and fix the root causes of operational problems through gaining a complete understanding of our clients' maintenance and refit operations. During our work, we foster a culture of continuous improvement where client teams are encouraged and trained to take ownership of new systems and processes so that lasting financial benefits can be achieved.