Business Technology

The transport and infrastructure industries have long relied on labour and component intensive build or refit processes, including pulse line techniques. This means efficiency and effectiveness is often compromised by poor communication between different parts of the business, as well as limited knowledge and understanding of the desired and actual performance metrics associated with specific tasks and procedures.

Newton has a dedicated team skilled in implementing sophisticated IT solutions that provide the tools to significantly improve management visibility of losses, problems and opportunities for improvement throughout assembly lines. Deployed as part of an overall transformation programme, our IT systems provides the visibility necessary to make informed decisions about planning assembly lines, using modern efficiency measures to control workflow, reduce bottlenecks, track components and cut out time consuming procedures.

Adding value, on demand

Before considering introducing a new system, we ensure organisations have first fully exploited and optimised their existing systems. Some of Newton's largest programmes, which have resulted in multi-million pound savings, have not required any new technology. When the success of a project is compromised because fundamental IT functionality is missing, however, it's essential that a solution can be quickly and sustainably implemented.