Manufacturing and Construction

Newton are experts at unlocking value at every stage of the manufacturing and construction process, resolving quality, delivery and cost problems that impede performance and drain resource.


In the early stages of a programme, our work often involves addressing complex technical issues to help ensure individual components meet specification and pass First Article Inspection. On-time component delivery is then critical, especially in the transport and infrastructure sectors where 'golden washers' have the power to stop final product delivery. We tackle late parts delivery problems to optimise the supply chain, minimise inventory and maximise invoiced sales.

Throughout production we challenge established processes and look for opportunities to improve quality and reduce cost. In many projects it's the small, often overlooked, quick changes in day-to-day operations that deliver the greatest improvements.

We've dramatically improved manufacturing performance across a wide variety of processes including high precision machining, automated NDT and manual composite lay-up, welding, laser cutting, and perforate drilling.

We work closely with our clients on the ground to create a culture of continuous improvement, transferring the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to sustain and build upon all improvements delivered during a project.


Newton has a unique approach to assessing the performance of complex programmes. With a variety of tools, we gauge how the many culminating facets of a complex project impact both current and future construction.

We possess a deep understanding of labour-intensive construction processes, with experience of optimising labour hours, material flow, product quality and on-time delivery – from highly regimented Takt driven, lean pulse lines, to long duration, complex and unpredictable construction and refit facilities.

Identifying and fixing the root causes of operational problems is only one part of creating a sustainable solution. During our work, we foster a culture of continuous improvement where client teams are encouraged and trained to take ownership of new systems and processes so that lasting financial benefits can be achieved over the long-term.

We also have a dedicated team skilled in implementing sophisticated IT solutions that bridge the gap between business system data and daily management information. Visit our Business Technology page for more information,