Test and Acceptance

Testing and commissioning is characterised by unknown outcomes and problem solving, and it can be difficult to plan work and measure progress. Newton tackles these issues at the planning and test procedure writing stage in order to achieve a detailed level of integration, as well as clear measures and established tracking for what were previously 'black box' activities. By providing everyone visibility of the same clear and cleansed information, we help improve schedule, reduce cost and ensure teams get it right first time.

The testing and commissioning process exposes specific problems involving multiple stakeholders and often requires complex, technical solutions. Our work improves efficiency by identifying and resolving the root causes of these problems. We collaborate closely with stakeholders cross the organisation and use reasoned understanding of the technical issues to separate opinion from fact.

Contractual acceptance

Complex engineering products have to meet specifications that require the customer's approval at each stage of development to ensure a contract is correctly fulfilled. Delays in completing paperwork can lead to late delivery and a risk that the contract has not been accurately discharged. By developing and implementing robust processes, we ensure paperwork approval progresses alongside the actual product so it can be delivered on time and fully signed off.