Payments Policy & Practices

Our Payment Policies

All invoices for payment of services or products should sent to the Newton finance team at Once received these will be logged into our accounts management system as soon as possible. 

When invoices are entered, they are assigned an approver based on the department or project they are relevant to who is notified immediately that there is an invoice for approval and asked to action as soon as possible. 

Invoices will only be authorised for payment once the relevant approval has been obtained. If an invoice has been disputed by the approver, they are required to contact the supplier to resolve the dispute. 

If a dispute is not being resolved in a timely manner, please contact 

The Newton finance team process a payment run every week (via 3-day BACS) which will pick up all approved invoices that have a due date within the following week. Remittances are sent advising the payment that will be received on the Friday.

Our standard payment terms are 30 days.

Our Payment Practices

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