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At Newton we work with organisations that set the global agenda and change the way the world works. So if you want to change the world, we’re the best place to start.

When asked, “Why work with Newton?”, there are three reasons most commonly cited: Our ‘band of brothers and sisters’ culture; our ‘get your hands dirty’ working style; and our unbeatable track record of producing up to 50% improvement over the first 6 months, without any capital expenditure.

In fact we’re so proud of this last point, and so confident in our work, that we put 100% of our fees at risk to deliver guaranteed results. A disruptive model that has led to such powerful change, that we’ve received numerous awards across the public and private sectors, from healthcare to defence, local government, grocery, manufacturing, transport and utilities.

To make this type of promise, and to effect this kind of change, we need to be different. Not just in the way we do business, but in the people we hire and how we ask you to work.

Whilst our commitment to hiring exceptional talent from the top universities is unrivalled, it is our innovative approach to finding solutions that sets us apart. Because unlike our competitors, we believe that to make the most impact on a business, you must first understand it completely. This is why we don’t tie you to the office or swamp you in endless paperwork. We give you the ability to deliver real change and impact for clients and communities.

At Newton your life won’t pass you by, nor plateau in middle gear. You’ll be given the scope to develop your personal and professional life in new and exciting ways, and be exposed to more areas of business than you ever previously imagined: From grass roots to middle management, the executive team and the board.

So if you want to change the world, get in touch.

Consulting with Impact.

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