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At Newton, we do consulting differently. We go all in, side by side with our clients, at the coalface, on the shop floor, by the production line - listening, understanding, analysing the data and together, solving problems creatively. We take on complex challenges in multiple sectors across a variety of industries, delivering results that matter and creating a lasting impact. Kickstart an exciting career in a dynamic field. Make an impact from day one.

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Summer Academy

Newton's Summer Opportunities

A chance for students to develop the skills needed to thrive in business consulting. This year, we will be running two streams. The Summer Academy – Pioneering Potential Programme for students from a lower socioeconomic background, and our Summer Academy to which we welcome all to apply.

Grow with newton

Make the most of every year at uni with skills and hacks to help you thrive and set you up for your future career.

Graduate Magazine

Graduate Magazine

Read our new Graduate Magazine to meet our people, access exclusive content and application tips. Let's Start Doing.

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