If your self-esteem is feeling the fallout of the last two years, you’re not alone. ONS statistics show that 39% of students feel anxious from time to time. 

That's why, at Newton, we want to start a conversion about confidence. We’re a rapidly growing UK-based, people-led consultancy firm who hire an increasing number of grads each year  and understand the importance of confidence and how it can help people to prosper and thrive.

Over the next few weeks, we’ve set up a live event with Kadeena Cox, interactive content and our own people sharing their best confidence tips!


We’ve been working hard at Newton, having open conversations about confidence, what it is, how it can be developed and worked on. In our Confidence Series, we take a look at confidence and how it can be tested, challenged and how our own people at Newton’s experiences have led to a deeper understanding of what it means to have it.


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EVENTBelieve You Can with Kadeena Cox

We hosted an Instagram Live with Kadeena Cox and positive psychology coach, Tiwalola Ogunlesi on 29 March. We explored how Paralympic and World Champion, Kadeena Cox builds her own confidence, despite setbacks and how you can do the same.

This event has now finished but we will update this page with soundbites so you can still learn from the best when it comes to building your confidence!

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