Every organisation
can be better

Right now, within your organisation, there are complex and apparently insurmountable challenges to solve.

Equally, there’s hidden opportunity to tap into. If you’re going to overcome those obstacles, unearth that potential and keep on improving as an organisation – change is essential. But where to start? How do you make the right changes? And how do you make them stick?

1. One team from day one

Change doesn’t magically appear from behind a laptop; it grows from working together as a single, cohesive team. We will only get the results you need by forming the relationships (friendships, even) that matter – at every level of your organisation. From the boardroom, where we care as passionately about solving the challenge as you do; to the shop floor, where change will either succeed or fail, and where the most valuable insights are often discovered.

2. Assessment: Finding the focus

Either by habit, or opinion, or limited access to vital or timely information, organisations are often led in the wrong direction. This is why we never start off assuming we know the answer. Hard evidence, gathered first-hand, is – for us – the only solid foundation for relevant, effective, and lasting change. We start right at the coalface, uncovering the insight and the truths that you need to make your most important decisions.

3. Total clarity

Once you have greater visibility and insight into what’s happening, we create a plan together which clearly and definitively pinpoints the changes that will deliver you the biggest impact. And this is where our initial approach pays off. Because we’ve designed the plan as one team, from the outset, and because we’ve directly engaged those most affected along the way, your whole organisation will be able to understand – and get behind – what needs to happen.

4. The hardest yards

Implementation is where many change programmes fail (and also where many consultancies ride off into the sunset). With Newton it’s different. We test, measure, and iterate solutions right at the coalface. And we don't leave until the goals we've jointly agreed are delivered.

5. Impact you can see (or nothing to pay)

Here’s a relief: you won’t be left holding a thick report to try and turn into change on the ground. You won’t have nice ideas, a box of suggestions, or empty ambition and rhetoric. You will, instead, be looking at measurable results. We believe so strongly in our ability to deliver them that we guarantee our fees. (Did we mention? It’s one of the founding principles of Newton).

6. Same team, whole new ball game

Consultancies don’t solve problems, people do. By this stage, we will have worked seamlessly with every level of your organisation, building their skills, confidence and insight; everything you need to sustain the improvements made and enhance them even further. Crucially, we’ll have instilled in your team the ability to adapt and go it alone when the goalposts move.