Consulting is more than just giving out advice. It’s about bringing change to numerous sectors, industries and companies. Hear from Newton’s consultants about what we do and how we do it.

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A consultancy is an external company brought in by a client in an advisory capacity, with the aim of implementing a change that the client couldn’t do alone.

There are different categories of consulting, including: 

  • Strategy Consulting 
  • Operations Consulting 
  • HR Consulting
  • Financial Consulting 
  • Advisory 
  • IT Consulting 

At Newton, we are predominantly focused on consulting that offers operational improvement to clients across a broad range of industries. 

Please see our What We Do page for real-life examples of some of our projects. 

What we do


  • I would say consulting is going into a business and figuring out what their biggest problems are and then helping them find solutions to those problems, so that they can work more effectively as a whole organisation.

    Will, Operations ConsultantMaster of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, University of Liverpool

  • Consultancy is all about doing the right thing. I think if you are at work at any given point and you can’t answer ‘why’, you need to consider whether you’re doing the right thing for that business.

    Kian, Operations ConsultantBachelor of Commerce, University of Cambridge

  • What we do bridges the gap between advising and actually implementing solutions. We can implement it and see the value of our ideas, making sure they are sustainable.

    Yasmin, Digital ConsultantMaster of Science, Machine Learning, University of Nottingham



Guaranteed Results

Our founding belief drives us. We guarantee our consultancy fees against delivering measurable results that help our clients overcome operational challenges.

All Together Now

We work together as one team, not only within Newton, but with our clients. By working side-by-side with those who’d be most impacted, we gain a deeper understanding of people and process, making a bigger impact.

A Job Well-done

We ensure the impact we make continues and develops well after we’ve completed the project. Going beyond reports and spreadsheets, we ensure our solutions are embedded within the client organisation, driving change after we've left.


  • Operations Consultant

    Operations Consultant

    • £49,000 - £53,000 starting salary package, £2.5K sign on bonus (From September 2024)
    • Site-based, depending on project location
  • Digital Consultant

    Digital Consultant

    • £49,000 - £53,000 starting salary package, £2.5K sign on bonus (From September 2024)
    • Site-based, depending on project location
  • People & Change Consultant

    People & Change Consultant

    • £49,000 - £53,000 starting salary package, £2.5K sign on bonus (From September 2024)
    • Site-based, depending on project location


A chance for students to develop the skills needed to thrive in business consulting. This year, we will be running two streams. The Summer Academy – Pioneering Potential Programme for students from a lower socioeconomic background, and our Summer Academy to which we welcome all to apply.


  • Our consultants come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including art, music, and languages. However, regardless of degree, our consultants are required to have strong analytical skills. There is a focus on testing your mathematical and data analysis abilities in our application process, but we do not require a science-based degree from our candidates.
  • These are three different consulting capabilities that help us meet our clients needs. All three work together to bring various skills and approaches to tackle our clients' most significant problems. You can find more about each capability under the relevant role page.

  • Our approach centres on us working with our clients as experts in their field to both identify a problem and implement the changes that will make the most significant difference. Our process never ends with a report – we even guarantee our fees on making a measurable impact. We pride ourselves on the way we build relationships with clients, using objective evidence to make an impact in organisations long after our projects end.
  • On a day-to-day basis, you will be working on-site with our clients, it might be a hospital, warehouse, factory, supermarket, or across client offices to identify opportunities for operational improvement. This may mean analysing data; drawing key insights from the data and working with clients at all levels of the business to understand their biggest problems. Then, with support from your managers and team, you’ll plan and implement the changes that need to happen to solve the problem. It’s good to keep in mind that the role will be very varied and no two days will be exactly the same, but that’s why a lot of consultants enjoy it.
  • We’re dedicated to reducing the carbon emissions that harm the world we live in. We have a clear understanding of how our work affects our carbon footprint. Our Net Zero strategy has been calculated using data analysis and benchmarking against other UK consultancies. We want to be a UK leader amongst our peers for the future of our industry.