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Our people are at the heart of everything we do, so fostering an inclusive workplace is paramount to everyone’s success. We understand the importance of having truly diverse teams to challenge our thinking and deliver even more meaningful impact for our clients.

We know that the only way to achieve this is to create an environment where people feel truly included and can combine their experiences, perspectives and skills to create and deliver innovative solutions to deliver positive outcomes.

We set out an EDI vision in 2021 to continue to create a culture that thrives on prioritising a sense of belonging, treating people fairly and committing to diversity to achieve great results for our clients and experiences for our teams.

We’ve made some real progress since then by putting in place new policies and processes to support EDI and are meeting some of our diversity targets ahead of schedule as a result. The journey to getting this right takes time and we are excited to continue working towards becoming a truly inclusive employer.  

Our Targets

We’re all about implementation at Newton and as such it’s not enough to just set out a vision – we have to make it a reality. In that spirit, we have set ourselves four targets, which will ensure that we reflect society more broadly and the clients we work with. 


We will increase our ‘sense of belonging’ measure overall to 90% with consistency between all diverse groups



Ethnic Minority representation in the leadership team by 2023


Ethnic Minority representation below leadership level in Newton


Top 100

To be listed in the Stonewall Top 100 Companies Index



female representation in the leadership team by 2023


female representation below leadership level in Newton

Our vision
Building a better newton

Building a better Newton, where all of our people feel a sense of belonging and inclusion, is down to each and every one of our people. There are a variety of internal, grassroots initiatives, such as N-Clude, Wom-N, N-Pride, the Newton Foundation and the Ethnicity Network which give a voice to all our people and support a more inclusive environment.

N-Clude exists to ensure everyone at Newton feels welcome, is included, and is enabled to succeed, whatever their gender, ethnicity, faith or background. It co-ordinates the annual inclusion survey and organises initiatives to build awareness of and celebrate the things that make us all different. 

Zoe Sciver, Principal Consultant and N-Clude Chair

I value fairness and so have always been passionate about equality of opportunities and treatment. The data never fails to shock me - did you know that globally only 28% of managerial positions are women and 18% CEOs? For me and many others in Newton, getting involved in N-Clude has been a way to channel our passion and energy. 

We are on a journey when it comes to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. In the time I’ve been here, it has gone from something that a handful of people really cared about, to one of the strategic priorities set by the leadership team, with ambitious targets for the next few years. N-Clude has played an important part in that change. This year, the Inclusion Survey, which we launched in 2019, highlighted Newton’s strong desire for our focus to shift from building awareness to taking action. Looking to the future, N-Clude will focus on improving everyone’s sense of belonging and making sure that it is the same across all groups.

– Zoe Sciver, Principal Consultant and N-Clude Chair

N-Pride is a forum open to all LGBT+ Newtons and allies. As well as being a support network, it organises a range of events throughout the year, including during Pride Month,

Jazz Swift, Principal Consultant and Co-Founder of N-Pride

When I joined Newton, I could have easily been part of the 41% of LGBT+ people – surveyed across 15 countries - who go back into the closet in their first graduate job. I didn't stand up on my first Review Day, when you introduce yourself to everyone at Newton, and say, ‘By the way, I'm gay'. I didn't have a partner at the time, and so it was easy not mention it.  However for a while I felt like I was almost having to come out every time I joined a new project team.

I formed N-Pride with a couple of colleagues because we thought it was a bit odd there wasn’t a space where we could talk to each other about what we were experiencing. When we set it up, I immediately felt more of a sense of community.

At Newton, if you've got something that you want to drive forward or make better, there's a platform for you to do it on and people will always back you. With N-Pride, there's a bunch of us who are really passionate about LGBT+ diversity and inclusion, who are driving that forward in the company because we think it can be better, and we are backed 100% by the leadership.

– Jazz Swift, Principal Consultant and Co-Founder of N-Pride

Wom-N plays a vital role in creating an environment at Newton where women can succeed and realise their full potential. It facilitates events and networking, offers peer-to-peer support and mentoring, and provides a platform for female role models.

Amy Elias, Senior Consultant and Co-Founder of Wom-N

While there had been many great initiatives organised by and for women at Newton in the past, we felt we could have a bigger and more sustainable impact through a formal group. When I organised a workshop in early 2020 to discuss this idea, I was really overwhelmed by the number who came and said they wanted just that. Since setting up Wom-N, it’s been really awesome to see so many wanting to get involved and really putting in a lot of effort.

As well as connecting women, there has been an emphasis on action right from the beginning. One key focus is supporting the culture which underpins Newton’s target that 30% of the leadership and 50% of the whole company will be made up by women within three years. I think this is a really important role for Wom-N to play as it’s not enough just to have 50% of Newton as women - we want to ensure those women have the equal opportunities to thrive and be valued at Newton.

– Amy Elias, Senior Consultant and Co-Founder of Wom-N

The Ethnicity Network works to create an environment at Newton in which Ethnic Minority talent feel comfortable to be themselves, feel included in the company culture, and can envision a long term future at Newton. Moreover, the network is supporting efforts to build a visibly more diverse senior leadership and to make Newton an industry leader for Ethnic Minority representation at all levels.

Junaid Mujaver, Director and Co-Founder of the Ethnicity Network

We created the Ethnicity Network to enable Newtons from ethnic minority backgrounds to talk and connect, but also as a means to drive action on improving representation, especially in leadership. To give a sense of just how much this issue means to people, when I asked in our inaugural meeting how many had counted the ethnic minority Newtons in the employee guide when they first joined the company, everyone put their hand up. 

At Newton, there’s a genuine desire in the leadership and throughout the company to get behind the Ethnicity Network and not simply treat it as a tick box exercise, but rather as a way for us to show the wider world that we’re committed to making a sustainable impact. There is an open and passionate conversation in Newton about how we can genuinely get better in terms of ethnic minority inclusion and representation, with really enthusiastic top-level support, and I don’t think that zeal is universal across other organisations. 

My vision for Newton’s future is that I can look around the room at Review Day – when the whole company comes together every two weeks – and see a much more diverse crowd and be able to look at the leadership team and see diverse representation and role models from all ethnic minorities, genders and backgrounds.

– Junaid Mujaver, Director and Co-Founder of the Ethnicity Network

The Newton Foundation’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for Newton people to maximise their positive impact on the world, over and above client work. The flagship cause is Social Mobility, however people at Newton can seek support from the Foundation for any cause close to their heart.

Mandeep Mohan, Principal Consultant, Projects of Passion Lead

I first got involved in the Newton Foundation because social mobility is something I am incredibly passionate about, having personally felt like I had managed to break through the obstacles that society puts up around social mobility. Many of my friends, didn't make it to University, not because they weren't talented, but as a result of the fact that opportunity isn't equal and circumstances are unfair.

People at Newton want to have an impact with the work they do, and the Newton Foundation provides a way to have an impact above and beyond our day-to-day client work. From my experience working with The Elephant Group (TEG) over the past couple of years, helping disadvantaged children to get a place in one of the top third universities, I’ve not only been able to make an impact in an area I care deeply about, but the personal development opportunities have been huge and absolutely rapid too. I and other Newtons have had the chance to contribute to TEG in so many different formats, from setting up the first ever Summer School, to supporting individual students with how confident they feel in their applications through to supporting the organisation in their growth strategy. 

– Mandeep Mohan, Principal Consultant, Projects of Passion Lead

Love all our people is a core value for us at Newton.  We value inclusivity and we know we benefit from having a range of skills and life experiences in our teams.  The network brings together current parents and carers to provide a safe space to share ideas and challenges and to support each other.

The Parent and Carers Network exists to help build the belief that you can be successful at Newton as a parent and/or carer.

Jenny Gerhold, Learning Delivery Manager

We created the Parents and Carers Network to bring together the many parents and carers who work here, and those who want to support them or may become parents and carers in the future. This means that we’re able to bring together the similarities and differences in our experiences, and share ideas, challenges and the odd fun or chaotic photo!

I'm not a parent or carer myself, but I’m passionate that you can be successful at Newton if you are. There is a wealth of support for this group out there – and I wanted to bring those people together. The group allows us to support each other and champion change at Newton for parents and carers.
We also want to share with you an example of the family friendly policies you can expect working here. Newton's family friendly policies include:

  • Maternity Leave and Adoption Leave: 100% for 6 months, 50% for the next 3 months, 25% for the next 3 months
  • Paternity leave: 4 weeks
  • Shared Parental Leave: Up to 50 weeks shared at 50%
  • Fertility Support: paid leave for appointments and treatment
  • Carers leave: 5 days paid per year
  • Parental Leave: 26 weeks per child, 4 weeks per year+


– Jenny Gerhold, Learning Delivery Manager

David Murphy, Principal Consultant, Newton Foundation Chair

One of the things I love most about the Newton Foundation is that it’s an umbrella for supporting enthusiastic and passionate Newton employees who are driven by their desire to make a difference. It's not a top down directive, with the leadership deciding the causes we're going to support and telling you what you can get involved in. Anyone at Newton who has a cause that they care about and wants to make a difference can get some support, whether that’s help with fundraising, taking off days to volunteer or getting more people from across the business involved.

Ultimately, CSR happens at Newton because there are individuals in the business who care enough to make it happen.

– David Murphy, Principal Consultant, Newton Foundation Chair


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