Kameswarie Nunna

From her PhD at Imperial College to the starting grid at Silverstone, Kameswarie has always been focused on maximising performance. But how did she progress from being a Simulator Engineer with a Formula 1 team to her current role with us?

Sam Lombard

Sam worked in a range of different industries before finding his way to Newton. His is one of the most varied journeys – from his early days at the Ministry of Defence to running an engineering supply chain business.

Hannah Craft

Training as a Lawyer may not seem the most obvious start to a career in consulting. But for Hannah, it provided a fantastic insight into the ways different organisations are run, and confirmed where her own ambitions and interests lie.

Henry Hunt

The reality of being an Engineer didn't quite live up to the dream for Henry. Particularly as his career progressed and he became further removed from the improvements he was keen to make. Fortunately, that experience is part of what makes him such a great Consultant.

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