Here at Newton, you’ll be getting to know and understand our clients’ challenges in order to deliver the best results. You’ll be doing something different every day across a wide variety of sectors.


To give you a feel for what we do, we’ve shared stories from our people, in their own words, below.

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Our stories

  • Charlotte Operations Consultant
  • Zafar Operations Consultant
  • Martyna Digital Consultant
  • Never not collaborative

    “Most consulting firms just go into their clients' organisations, point out the problems, write a report and leave. We're more interested in figuring out what the root causes of those problems are, then helping clients to fix them. 


    Although the firm is well established now, it's not in the least bit set in its ways. There's a certain humility; a realisation that no one person knows everything. As a result, there's a mutual sense of trust – and everybody's always open to new ideas.


    Our Review Days sum up Newton’s ethos. At first, I felt a bit uncomfortable calling on people I didn't know for advice. But the more colleagues I spent time with at the Review Days, the more I realised we're all here to support each other. The secret of our success, I think, is the way we tap into individual strengths and work together in a collaborative way.”

  • Never Not Honest

    “Right from the start, there was something refreshingly honest about Newton. Other employers seemed cagey about simple things like salary. But Newton was completely open. After attending the assessment centre, I knew this was the right choice for me. 


    My first project was focused on Adult Social Care. On the first day, my manager arranged for me to spend some time with a social worker and the lady she was looking after, who was in her 80s. Sadly, this lady had lost her confidence and was struggling to take care of herself. So to see her again later when she'd regained her independence and dignity as a result of our work, was unbelievably rewarding. 


    You're actively encouraged to stretch yourself, explore different sectors and try new things. If you grab those opportunities and throw yourself into each new challenge, you’ll develop skills that will serve you well in any situation.”

  • Never not diverse

    “I first read about Newton in the Times Top 100. I decided to go online and explore what the company was about. That was enough to pique my interest, but when I went to the Selection Day and met some of the consultants it really blew me away. The stories they shared were incredible.


    One guy, who’s now a Business Manager, told us about the first day on his first project. He arrived at the client site – a hospital – where he was met by the head surgeon and invited into the operating theatre to watch the surgeon and his team perform open heart surgery.


    Everyone’s stories and experiences are so different. You could be talking to a welder who's constructing a nuclear submarine or a nurse who specialises in adult social care. And that variety is one of the things I love most about being a Digital Consultant for Newton.”

Where we work

From the tip of the Cornish coast to the Scottish Highlands, our consultants work on projects all over the UK. And no matter where you are, you can be sure that you’ll always be home by 6pm every Friday...