Applicants and Milkround
  • How can I prepare for the video interview?

    Take 5 – 10 minutes to reflect on your qualities and achievements to date. We also recommend you take a look at our website and do some research about Newton. Most importantly we want you to be as natural as possible during the interview so there is no need to prepare answers. Check your microphone and camera is working, ensure you’re in a well lit location, and we recommend wearing business casual dress. You do have the opportunity to complete a practice question as many times as you want to get you comfortable in front of the camera!

  • How can I prepare for the tests?

    We write our own tests which include a practice question. We would strongly recommend practising free, online multiple-choice assessments (both numerical and data orientated) as this will get you used to working under timed conditions and refresh your numeracy skills.

  • How often can I apply to Newton?

    You can apply to Newton once every recruitment cycle, which typically spans from September to December. If you attend a selection day or final interview, regardless of the outcome, you will receive detailed, constructive feedback on your performance which we hope you can work on before reapplying in the next recruitment cycle.

  • Do I have to be in my final year of study to apply to Newton?

    No, we accept applications from students who are in all years of study. However, we do find that candidates in their final or penultimate year have accumulated relevant experience which aids them in their application.

  • What is the application process timeline?

    This is mostly down to you, and how quickly you complete the different stages. Once you have completed the online part of your application it will be sent to our recruitment team to review and they aim to review applications within a week of submission.

    If you are invited to a selection day, these are held regularly in different locations across the UK and you will have the opportunity to choose a date and location that is convenient for you. Final interviews and dinners are also held regularly in a variety of locations. When you are invited to the face-to-face stages of the application process we advise you book onto the next most convenient date and location for you, as our selection days and final interviews fill up quickly.  

  • Does the time that I apply alter my chances of being offered a job?

    Selection days and final interviews take place from October onwards. Whilst you are not in direct competition with other candidates on your selection days or final interviews, we encourage you to apply as early as possible as applications will close once the required number of offers have been made. Additionally, we encourage you to apply early to ensure that you secure a place on a selection day in your preferred location.

  • Does it matter if I do not have a scientific or engineering background?

    Our consultants come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including art, music, and language. However, regardless of degree, our consultants are required to have strong analytical skills. There is a focus on testing your mathematical and data analysis abilities in our application process, but we do not require a science-based degree subject of our candidates.

  • Does the location of the selection day I choose effect where I would work?

    To make it easier for students to reach our selection events, selection days and final interviews take place in several different venues across the UK. Our consultants are very mobile and normally live away from home, near their client site from Monday to Friday. Neither the selection day you choose, nor your home address will influence where you would work as a consultant.

  • Do I have to come to the UK if I am applying from overseas?

    You can complete the online application form, the online tests and the video interview from abroad, however if you are invited to attend a selection day, you would be required to meet us in person, in the UK.

  • Do I have to send a cover letter or CV when applying?

    If you are applying for the graduate role then we do not require a CV or cover letter. If you are applying for the experienced consultant’s role you will be asked to send in your CV when you apply.

  • How do I know if I am more suited to the graduate or experienced hire role?

    If you have more than three years of experience working in consulting, then you would normally be more suited to an experienced consultant’s role. If you are unsure, please send a copy of your CV to and we can advise you.

  • Do you sponsor visas for international employees?

    We encourage applications from international students, and we would sponsor your visa up to tier 2 if you were offered a job at Newton.

  • Do I need a driver’s licence to apply?

    It is our policy that all consultants hold a UK driver’s licence. However you don’t need to have a license at the time of application, so long as you obtain one by the time you start with us.

  • Do you offer summer internships?

    We don’t currently offer internships, however, we welcome applications from students during their penultimate years for a deferred place

  • How can I find out more about Newton?

    Throughout October, November and December we will be at universities, attending careers fairs and giving presentations. Attending one of our events, will give you the opportunity to get to know more about Newton, meet some of our consultants, and kick start your application. Take a look at the Meet Us section of our website, where you can search for events in your area.

  • Do you give extra time on your tests?

    If you provide us with a disability certificate, we will give you extra time for both the online tests and for the assessments at the selection day.

Selection Day and Final Interviews
  • Will you cover travel expenses?

    We will refund expenses for a Selection Day or Final Interview, details of which will be communicated with you in the invitation to attend either of the above.

  • Do you provide feedback on the selection process?

    We really appreciate the commitment made in attending our Selection Day so we always give feedback. We include specific feedback from the assessors on the day in the hope that each candidate will find this useful, regardless of the outcome of the selection day.

  • What does the final interview consist of?

    The night before your final interview you will be invited to attend a dinner with a group of consultants and some other candidates. This is an opportunity for you to meet some Newton consultants, and ask them questions in a more relaxed, unassessed setting. The following day you will have two 45-minute interviews with senior staff within the company.

  • What is the dress code for selection day?

    The selection day is a professional working environment, so we would advise you to dress business smart, although a tie is not necessary.

  • How can I prepare for the selection day?

    When preparing for the selection day we recommend you brush up on your numerical skills, similar to the online tests stage. As well as reflecting on your achievements and why you’d like to join Newton. When invited to your selection day you will be sent more information about the different exercises and what to expect.

Starting at Newton
  • What happens when I receive an offer?

    Once you have received an offer you will be sent an offer letter and contract as soon as possible. You will then be assigned a consultant as a ‘buddy’ who will be your main point of contact. You will also be invited to attend review days prior to your induction which is a great opportunity to meet other offer holders, Newton employees, and stay up to date with what’s happening at the company. For more information on review days visit:

  • Do I have to live near Newton’s head office (near Oxford) to be a consultant?

    As a consultant you will not be based at Newton’s head office except during three weeks of your induction when accommodation will be provided for you. Therefore, you can live anywhere!

  • Will I have the opportunity to work abroad?

    We have in the past run projects abroad, and as the company grows, we will likely have opportunities further afield. However, Newton currently operates exclusively in the UK, as we feel there is still a great deal of opportunity to expand domestically within our current sectors, as well as into new emerging ones.

  • Can I defer my entry and take a break between graduating and starting work?

    Yes, Newton run a rolling recruitment process, so we take on graduates each month rather than one large intake once or twice year. This means your start date is very flexible and can be suited to your needs. We offer our consultants a competitive sign-on bonus and a lot of our graduates use this to travel before starting work.

About Newton
  • What graduate roles are you recruiting for?

    We are looking for operations and digital solutions consultants, along with Head Office graduate roles to cover specific functions. You can find out more about each role here

  • What training do you offer?

    We go to extraordinary lengths to help you make the most of your talents. The details of your development will be tailored to your particular needs and aspirations. But broadly speaking, you can expect a clear development path that starts with a comprehensive induction from the people that do the job, quickly followed by on-the-job learning and training from in-house experts, all supported by an on-line learning tool.

  • What is your diversity policy?

    It’s in our DNA to demand better in everything that we do and diversity is no exception. We want to make sure we attract and retain the best talent right now and in the future. We are therefore proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we never discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

  • Do you do volunteering or pro bono work?

    Designed and run by our people, the Newton Foundation was created to maximise the positive impact Newton has on society, outside of our client work.

    One of our flagship programmes is a mentoring programming which we run with the Social Mobility Foundation, supporting underprivileged students through their studies and into the world of work.

    We also support a number of charities, both financially and through our improvement methodologies, helping them to operate more effectively.

    We support our people with individual charitable causes through our payroll donation scheme.