Corporate Services

Our specialism in corporate services has been tailored and developed from our work across both the public and private sectors, covering services such as Finance, HR and ICT. We are also experienced at setting up and optimising shared service centres. Our approach is focused on working with clients to deliver a combination of cost reductions and quality improvements.

Corporate services rely on their people, processes and systems to function, and so we comprehensively review all elements:

    • We initially undertake an assessment/diagnostic to identify opportunities and develop a detailed implementation plan.
    • Rather than just relying on benchmarking data and past experience (i.e. direct transfer from other clients), which is typical of other consultancies, our diagnostic phase ensures we understand the specific root causes of each inefficiency.
    • We undertake live studies with workers in each function, coupled with analysis of historical data and performance to understand the workforce and prioritise the biggest opportunities.
    • We analyse the benefits and risks of outsourcing corporate services, including making sure savings aren't given away to third parties, and that processes are sufficiently clear and robust so that clients aren't hit with additional costs.
    • We analyse the processes and systems sitting behind the biggest opportunities in order to develop a plan.
    • We share anecdotal evidence from our meetings with all key stakeholders (from management to frontline workers) and benchmarking information (both public and private) in order to validate our findings.

Throughout the process, we collaborate side-by-side with local teams and managers to ensure our conclusions are valid and the plan we're about to embark upon, workable.

Our unique, hands-on, detailed approach allows us to design with our clients the most cost-effective and optimal operating models.