Taking control is the first step

Large infrastructure programmes are inherently complex.


But all too often, we make things harder than they need to be: by the way we contract

and manage workforces; by siloing teams; and because programme leaders are

tied up managing stakeholders, rather than delivering the project.


They get endlessly caught up fighting the fires that inevitably flare up, and

critical milestones are missed.


On-time delivery is not just a pipe dream

There’s no shortage of vision and ambition to deliver on-time.

What’s normally missing is true collaboration between scoping, design and delivery; and the ability to engage and enable every member of the workforce, every step of the way.

Getting this right will mean fewer fires to fight, freeing up programme leaders to focus on achieving critical milestones and building public confidence.

Breaking the cycle of overruns

Most large-scale projects fail to deliver on time or to budget:

  • Top 10 UK building contractors average pre-tax loss of £53m and -0.5% profit
  • HS2 is set to overrun by 60% before project start (in January 2019) [sources: The Economist and the FT]

Yet by aligning teams behind a shared vision and ensuring everyone involved has the tools they need to deliver to plan, every day - and feels empowered to do so - we have seen our large-scale project clients tackle overruns:

  • A 30% reduction in the build schedule of a major UK engineering programme
  • A contractor delivering a build phase 25% faster than ever before
  • A 250% increase in engagement among a blue-collar workforce, delivered alongside efficiencies worth £120m to the project.


Gearing complex engineering programmes for succes

Comparing two of the UK'S most complex engineering programmes:
London Bridge Station & HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier


We think every organisation can be better

    You need the right information to make the right decisions, which is why we work side-by-side with your people to truly understand your challenges and make improvements that will keep delivering for you long after we’ve gone.

    No copy-and-paste thinking; no thick reports; no half-measures: just a relentless focus on results. Our approach is unique:

  • Our approach

    Guaranteed results

    Measurable and deliverable impact is the sole basis on which we’re paid. We only undertake projects where we know significant improvement is possible with a committed, collective effort. Our fees are 100% dependent on delivery, so that we share the risk of every project.

  • Reconnecting you with the coalface

    When the data doesn’t exist, someone has to roll their sleeves up and find it. That’s what we do, and we start at the coalface. We bring that insight to your leadership team, then work alongside both to implement the right changes.

  • Evidence, not opinion

    No instincts, no hunches; just facts. We help you gather the right information to make the biggest improvements, helping you align complex and fragmented supply chains.

Everything starts with data

Everything we do is built on the foundation of data. Of facts. Of insight.

And that's what makes us able to deliver big impact, quickly.

Toby Ashong
Toby Ashong

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