Change can't come fast enough


Intense competition. Cost inflation. A tough labour market.

Retailers demanding more for less.

These are the challenges you face every day.

You've seen multiple improvement initiatives come and go.

It feels like you've already made every possible saving.

But instinctively you know that things could still be better.

And that change really needs to start happening now.


Spotting hidden millions

The reality is, there are millions of pounds of savings hiding in plain sight.

Seemingly small efficiencies throughout your end to end process – invisible to the naked eye and buried in complexity – can quickly add up to a significant financial gain.

And by approaching the challenge from a totally different direction, it's possible for any FMCG business to achieve those efficiencies.

Tapping into your potential

Even the best can be better. Especially in today’s manufacturing market:

  • Average annual revenue growth has fallen from 7.7% to 0.7%
  • Average profits have dropped from 6.1% to 1.3% in the past 5 years

Yet our clients regularly increase profits by 2-5% of turnover through increased sales and cost savings. Here are a few examples:

  • £60m p.a. saved out of £1bn procurement spend on fresh food
  • £18m p.a. saved for a £600m turnover food manufacturing business
  • £1.5m saving in 8 weeks by training factory workers


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Brexit poses a giant headache for small food and drink firms

Newton’s Business Manager Danny Sperrin talks about the possible impact of Brexit on labour.

    From day one, Newton has helped manufacturers discover ways to improve their organisation. To become even more successful.

    And that’s down to an unwavering belief that we can improve the financial performance of any manufacturer. Because to us, there’s always a way. We’re so confident, in fact, that we guarantee our fees against it.

  • Our approach

    Facts, not opinions

    Habits and assumptions are our worst enemy. They often mask the truth or send people down rabbit holes. That’s why we make sure we’re exactly where we need to be – out on your factory floor gathering insights.

  • Absolute clarity

    Keeping people in the loop and getting them on board is so important. Otherwise any changes would fall flat. We’re always crystal clear about our findings, and engage with everyone along the way. It’s how you’ll see those results stick.

  • Results with staying power

    Delivering is at our very core. That’s why we only take on projects when we know we can truly make an impact. And it’s why we guarantee our fees against getting you significant, long-lasting results.

  • Getting you ready to go it alone

    By now, we’ve implemented our changes and tweaked anything that’s not quite right. But we won’t step back until your teams feel ready and empowered to sustain these improvements. And to adapt or improve them when the goalposts move.

  • Making ourselves redundant

    The legacy of our partnership will be felt for many years to come. We recruit, train and develop your internal team, then put them in the right place to shift your whole company’s culture - and keep it adapting and improving continually.

Everything starts with data.

Everything we do is built on the foundation of data. Of facts. Of insight.

And that's what makes us able to deliver big impact, quickly.

John D'Arcy Tim Murray
John D'Arcy
Tim Murray

Our team can’t solve the challenges for you.

With you?

Anything is possible.