Our NHS will treat 27,777 patients in the next hour


While costs increase, budgets tighten. Demand continues to intensify. Leaders in NHS Trusts

face top-down scrutiny and pressure to meet performance targets. And understaffing at

the frontline results in a constant challenge to recruit and retain a workforce – who are

themselves struggling to deal with the pressures.


There is also the need to work far more closely with social care and system partners - which

requires time, trust and resources.


Yet the priority is always going to be providing quality and effective care to everyone who needs it.

You and your teams want to do the very best you can for patients and communities.

Transforming how a hospital works so that services are efficient and effective for those that need them most is not just a technical challenge. It requires a deep understanding of how the processes and ways of working have an impact on patients and staff.

But how do you use evidence from the frontline to cut through the mountains of data, information and opinion in front of you? And then how do you empower teams to make change happen that will have the greatest impact?

Achieving the best outcomes for people, every time

Our experience working in partnership with NHS Trusts shows that this can happen when managers and clinicians are supported to work together to rethink problems and rebuild services. But… there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

Lasting change connects the organisational strategy to the reality of frontline operations. It has a significant and measurable impact on quality, outcomes, performance and finance.

This is change that motivates, change that sticks.

Using this approach, we’ve worked in partnership with a wide range of Trusts to achieve:

  • 200% increase in Day-0 discharges for elderly people
  • 10% reduction in average length of stay
  • 20% higher adherence to best practice criteria for fractured neck of femur patients, leading to a 50% reduction in mortality rate
  • Improved patient experience and extra capacity in outpatients of 12,500 slots a year
  • 15% increase in theatre productivity, which means 2000 patients per year can receive the care they need, and spend less time on waiting lists
  • 58% reduction in unavoidable ulcers


We think every organisation can be better

    We help leaders and frontline teams in the NHS to facilitate operational and cultural change and give them the methodology to keep improving.

    No copy-and-paste thinking; no thick reports; no half-measures. Instead, we commit fully with our clients to finding the real cause of the challenges they are facing - and together deliver Trust-wide change that has a measurable impact on quality, outcomes, performance and finance.

  • Our approach

    Delivering the insight you need

    Solid engineering principles underpin our evidence-based methodology. We develop an in-depth understanding of your people, processes, and patient experience. This insight brings clarity to your greatest challenges and acts as an enabler to the operational and behavioral changes needed to solve them.

  • With you, not for you

    We work alongside your frontline teams to make change happen. Change that has an impact on people’s lives, allows staff to focus on doing the things that inspired them to work in the NHS in the first place, and delivers measurable financial savings. We stick with you until the changes become the new normal. We share our methodology, creating a culture that embraces change; your people will be able to keep making improvements and tackle new challenges across the organisation, long after we’ve gone.

  • We have your back

    We put 100% of our fee at risk. This provides the basis of a relationship built on trust and confidence, on which your people, supported by our team, will deliver change.


Everything we do is built on the foundation of data. Of facts. Of insight.

And that's what makes us able to deliver big impact, quickly.

Ric Whalley
Ric Whalley

Our team can’t solve the challenges for you.

With you?

Anything is possible.