The win-win: creating better customer experiences while meeting regulatory demands and increasing profitability


Providing a consistently excellent service. Differentiating to increase loyalty. Adapting to changing regulation. Improving legacy infrastructure. Reducing risk.

Faced with all these challenges, how do you deliver change that has a measurable impact to your customers and drives value to your bottom line?

We deliver lasting value to both businesses and customers by fusing together our expertise in operations, digital and behavioural science.

Designing better customer experiences for all

Developed with psychologists and based on leading psychological frameworks, our proprietary Newton Online Vulnerability Assessment (NOVA) helps to identify where online journeys can better serve people with physical, neuropsychological, mental and financial vulnerabilities.

We used our framework to help an established UK bank design leading gambling controls and lending journeys.

Harness data and technology to deliver value

We always start with the problem, not a technical solution.

We use data science to pinpoint the problems and shape suitable solutions to deliver seamless, efficient, compliant user experiences.

We test and learn what works, then scale up quickly, helping to grow customer and employee adoption.

We helped a commercial insurance organisation to embed a new client portal and work orchestration system, including adopting machine learning to review policy documents. This created 30% room for growth.

Improve productivity and reduce supply chain costs

We provide cultural and operational transformations, linking teams seamlessly to the organisation’s purpose and goals.

We embedded agile and drove a cultural transformation to improve productivity by 150%.

Our forensic cost engineering analysis helps buyers to negotiate confidently, saving 5-10% in insurance supply chain costs.

Our approach helped a leading retail organisation save >£35m annually in its supply chain.


We’re a collaborative of the brightest and most curious minds, with a fundamental
belief that every organisation can be better

We have honed our approach over decades and across many sectors, bringing insights from every programme

We find our approach works so well that we guarantee our fees against delivering results that are recognised by everyone, from the frontline to the boardroom

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Junaid Mujaver
Chad Rogerson

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