Margins are being relentlessly squeezed


Despite a continual focus on improving them,

important gains made in one area of the business are lost elsewhere.


Consolidation is often proposed as the answer,

but this approach fails to tackle delivery and process control issues.


The answer lies on the production line

The challenge is seeing it. A line of sight to what is happening on the factory floor identifies many of the issues to be addressed.

But that view can be imperfect.

It’s only the right data that can reveal the blind spots - and highlight the issues that are really impacting delivery.


Rising to the challenge of growing demand

Reputations rely on successful delivery but fast-growing customer demand introduces risk:

  • Boeing battles 737 production challenges as delivery delays loom
  • Strong demand, supply-chain issues pull aircraft from storage
  • Rise in aircraft demand forces supply chain to modernise
    [sources: Aviation Week, MRO Network, FT]

A state of almost continuous ramp-up creates issues on the factory floor. With so many competing opinions on how to act, improvement remains out of reach.

However, by identifying the blindspots and bottlenecks that really impact delivery, Newton has seen firsthand:

  • 15% increase in overall factory efficiency at a UK airframe manufacturer
  • £8.3m reduction in the cost base at an aerospace engine manufacturer
  • 123% increase in workforce engagement on the UK aircraft carrier programme



We think every organisation can be better

    We help aerospace organisations tackle their biggest issues and keep improving. Not with copy-and-paste thinking, thick reports, or half-measures.

    Instead, we commit fully with our clients to find the right information that leads to the right decisions - and deliver change that sustains long after we have gone.

  • Our approach

    Evidence not opinion

    To challenge deep-held beliefs and change the status quo, you first need the facts. We help you gather and use vital data, enabling you to pinpoint- from engineering through to delivery, across a complex supply chain - where the biggest opportunities for improvement lie.

  • Guaranteed results

    Measurable and deliverable impact is the sole basis on which we’re paid. We only undertake projects where we know significant improvement is possible with a committed, collective effort. Our fees are 100% dependent on delivery, so that we share the risk of every project.

  • Production line to boardroom and back

    When the data doesn’t exist, someone has to roll their sleeves up and find out what’s going on across the factory floor. We bring insight from there to the leadership team. Then work alongside both to implement the right changes.

Everything starts with data.

Everything we do is built on the foundation of data. Of facts. Of insight.

And that's what makes us able to deliver big impact, quickly.

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