Supply Chain Planning

At Newton we work with consumer businesses to develop one common operating plan that spans sales and marketing, as well as operational and financial areas. This plan synchronises product supply and demand to optimise the cost to serve and meet the needs of the customer in the short term, while ensuring visibility to allow for the right strategic decision making in the longer term.

Our aim is to build a collaborative environment, developing a partnership throughout the supply chain to ensure visibility of demand for new product, promotional product, and older product, so these areas can be matched with supply, allowing global capacity to be optimised, and product allocations to be managed successfully.

We create global common processes with common reports and performance metrics. We also improve supply chain performance, increasing customer service (first time order fill rate), decreasing inventory levels (days of supply) and optimising supply chain costs.

Part of our approach involves measuring performance consistently. We support common key performance indicators (KPIs) across business units, including forecast accuracy, master production schedule adherence, customer service, inventory (days/turns/£), and deployment adherence.