Leaders in adult social care are

passionate about improving service


But the volume and complexity of demand, coupled with shrinking budgets, can make it feel like there’s no

choice but to reduce service provision.

Other pressures include the fragility of the home care market, and recruiting, retaining and developing staff.

There is also a need to work more closely with health and system partners; but with

competing priorities and initiatives this requires time, trust and resources.


Meanwhile, successfully implementing emerging new models of care, which help improve service quality and

performance,  requires capacity and capability within the organisation.


Practitioners in the service are also under pressure. Caseloads are growing, as is the feeling of scrutiny over

decision-making. Social workers spend up to 70% of their time on admin such as case recording, travel and

paperwork; and as little as 12% with service users and their families, the reason they joined the

profession in the first place.

This can make it challenging to establish and develop a motivated workforce which is key to delivering service


Achieving the best outcomes,  every time

Local Authority practitioners identify that over 40% of service user journeys - journeys which fundamentally impact the future outcomes of, and expenditure on, service users - could be improved.

But this can only happen when you create an environment which best supports practice, links information from one service to another, removes the cultural barriers of working together, and ensures the right menu of services are in place and commissioned appropriately. And the organisational culture, governance and leadership need to support this direction.


No "one size fits all" solution

Changes in practice which promote maximising independence in turn reduce spend and improve staff ways of working – resulting in further benefits for quality, productivity and system partners.

Our experience working across a number of local authorities shows that a change approach that is rooted in evidence; that works bottom up from the frontline; that places consistent service user outcomes at the core; that builds links across systems, partners and teams; is the only way to effect real, impactful change at pace. Change that motivates, change that sticks. Change that has a significant and measurable impact on quality and the bottom line.



By working together; our clients have made a measurable impact on outcomes, staff engagement and finances, including:

  • 58% fewer people moving inappropriately to residential care post hospital
  • 163% increase in reablement capacity, whilst making reablement 18% more effective at increasing independence
  • 41% of working age adults successfully moved from residential care to supported living, shared lives and extra care
  • 230% increase in staff productivity, allowing more time for social care workers to spend with service users
  • 95% of staff preferring new ways of working that provide a better service and save money
  • 8-15% of net budget delivered as annualised savings


Coming together as a team

Working in partnership with the Swindon teams, we transformed the way older people are cared for by reducing the amount of time they spend in hospital, and supporting them to live at home for as long as possible. 


We think every organisation can be better 

    We help leaders in adult social care fundamentally change their service and give them and their teams the methodology to keep improving. No copy-and-paste thinking; no thick reports; no half-measures.

    Instead, we commit fully with our clients to finding the real cause of the challenges they are facing - and then deliver service-wide change that fixes them forever. Delivering large scale change across a complex organisation is difficult and requires a specific approach.

  • Our approach

    Delivering the insight you need

    Does the organisational culture enable high performance? Is the service making the best decisions consistently? Are the services as effective as they can be to maximise long term independence? Does the service make the best possible use of limited resources?

    We develop an in-depth understanding of your people and ways of working. This insight brings clarity to your greatest challenges and acts as an enabler to the operational and behavioral changes needed to solve them.

  • With you, not for you

    Our teams work alongside yours. You’ll find us sat with your practitioners, designing the change with you. Together, we make the changes that will have the greatest measurable impact. We share our methodology, creating a culture that embraces change; your people will be able to keep making improvements and tackle new challenges across the organisation, long after we’ve gone.

  • There until the end

    We stay with you until the changes become the new normal. As we jointly design new ways of working we quantify the impact of the changes we make. Only when you think you can continue to achieve that without our support do we start to back away.

  • We have your back

    We put 100% of our fee at risk against genuinely measurable and sustainable impact – in terms of service user outcomes, ways of working and staff satisfaction, finance and performance. This provides the basis of a relationship built on trust and confidence, on which your people, supported by our team, will deliver change.

Everything starts with data

Everything we do is built on the foundation of data. Of facts. Of insight.


And that's what makes us able to deliver big impact, quickly.


Steve Phillips Steve Knight
Steve Phillips
Senior Partner
Steve Knight

Our team can’t solve the challenges for you.

With you?

Anything is possible.