Supply Chain and Logistics

Within defence and aerospace, supply chains are typically very complex. High value builds often involve a wide range of low volume, high-tech supplied parts – and in a sector where quality is vital, keeping control of suppliers' cost and delivery is difficult. Newton works across a wide range of programmes, and has in-depth understanding of the additional complications contractual quality standards in this sector can bring.

There are many opportunities for increasing efficiency and reducing costs. We help establish and optimise an efficient and effective supply chain, using our knowledge and analytical expertise to deliver improvements in all areas – from procurement to warehousing and distribution.

Taking a Total Cost of Ownership approach with a cross-functional team of design, production, logistics and procurement gives a true picture of costs in the business and allows us to identify significant, previously hidden opportunities. Our successful track record of reducing annual costs by over 10%, spans projects in a range of spend categories, including raw materials, aerospace grade fasteners, complex pumps, and logistics.

In the majority of programmes where there are delivery problems, material supply is usually one of the major issues. We have a history of successfully driving delivery performance – from line-side material presentation, through to operational improvement at the key suppliers' sites.

Challenging the supply chain strategy within larger multi-site or multi-business unit organisations often brings significant benefits. Working with our senior advisors and transferring best practice from other industry sectors, we have created group procurement functions to maximise price leverage, question the value of in-house against outsourced warehousing, and optimise distribution networks.