At Newton we work extensively on both sides of the care industry – with the NHS, and with local authorities. We have witnessed the frustrations the current, siloed processes can place on individuals moving through the system and the people who care for them. We see the value there is in putting the needs and experience of those people at the centre of how services are organised and delivered. Moving away from episodic care to a more holistic approach would create a stronger care pathway where patients receive the right attention at the right time, regardless of provider.

For organisations that have been historically so separate, yet similarly financially pressured, the idea of change through integration can be daunting. Yet with the right approach, the move towards integration has the power to save individual organisations millions of pounds on a continually sustainable basis.

The work we do helps organisations face integration challenges by:

    • Increasing visibility – We achieve this across health and social care through our in-depth, detailed experience of both areas, presenting new ways of working that improve patient experience while also saving money.
    • Redefining patient pathways – We have worked with multiple organisations in this area, reducing delays through the system while at the same time delivering hugely improved financial results.
    • Redesigning services – We work with organisations to help them meet their integration objectives.
    • Addressing activity demand – Demand within the system comes from multiple sources (for example, general practice, acute care, and community). With our experience of working at each point along the patient pathway, we make sure activity is directed to the right area and triaged appropriately. This reduces pressures and bottlenecks as well as the total cost of care.