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Tue. Jun 29, 13:00Get ahead of the curve with your job application

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In this month's webinar we're looking at ways you can prepare ahead of applications opening.

From researching companies to identifying your skills and attributes in advance, this webinar will help you get a head start on preparing for your future career. Hosted by consultants who will share their personal experiences as well as top tips from our recruitment team.

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With everything going on this year, meeting your future employer can be difficult. That’s why we’ve set up our live webinar series, to interact with people, develop career skills, and help them make the important transition from university to career whether that’s with Newton or otherwise. Have a look at some of the webinar topics which might interest you:

  • Career Skills
  • Application Skills
  • Consulting

About Newton

Some would call us a consulting firm. But we're not a traditional one. We take on our clients' apparently insurmountable challenges, and surmount them. Everything we do stems from the fundamental belief that every organisation can be better, and we're proud that the results of our work have a profound impact on people's everyday lives.

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